Our business model and pricing structure is quite simple, on most projects, we use a "time and materials," strategy.


We offer various levels of service:


  • Onsite servcie at an hourly rate of $85.00 billed to the 1/2 hour. Some examples of onsite services would be:
    • New computer installation
    • e-Mail setup
    • Software installation
    • Data backup and migrations
    • Network toubleshooting
    • Network Storage Device installation
    • Server installations and migrations
    • Network printers/scanner deployments
    • Router/Firewall configuration
    • Fiber/Cable/T1 implementations
  • Shop service at $70.00 per hour or fixed rate projects
    • Computer troubleshooting and repair
    • Operating System installations and upgrades
    • Hardware upgrades
    • Data backup & recovery
  • Remote Service at $70.00 per session
    • Assisted software installation
    • Basic printer installation
    • Simple e-mail setup
    • Minor troubleshooting
    • Training

In addition, for those clients that have server based networks, we provide managed service plans with various monthly fees based on the number of servers and workstations to be supported.


We also offer "fixed rate" plans when discounted blocks of time are

pre-purchased. This allows you to budget accordingly for the year

based on the average hours of service rendered.


When it comes to hardware and software purchases, we can buy it, add a reasonable margin and resell it, or we can advise and consult with you on what and where to purchase, you buy it and we install and manage it.  Your choice.


Payment is expected at time of service unless other arrangements have been made and we can accept Visa/MC and AMX.