Our Strategic Partners

When you contract Peritus IT Solutions as your IT solutions firm, you not only get our expert staff, but you also reap the benefits of the strategic alliances with various local and national vendors that provide all the hardware, software and services you need to be up and running.


We are NOT a reseller of hardware, does not fit our business model. Instead, we work with vendors such as: Dell/HP/IBM for PC's and Servers, Synology for NAS (network storage devices) HP/Brother for printers, Sonicwall/Fortinet for firewalls/routers, Ubiquiti UniFi for wireless equipment and many other providers of equipment.  We make suggestions, and you buy it, this way you get the best price, no mark ups and all warranties are in your name.


We also partner with various SaS (software as servcie) vendors: Cloudscale365 for Office365, Cloudberry for managed back up, along with Backblaze for offsite data retention.  Again, you are the account holder of these services, not us, this keeps you in control without being locked into position of not being able or going thru the hassle of transferring ownership.


After all, it is YOUR business and we are here to assist, facilitate, be of service and help your business operate effeciently and profitably.


We make our monies off services income.